A resident has the right:

1. According to the rules of staying in hostels, each guest has the right to stay in the hostel during the paid time.

2. In addition to their sleeping places, visitors can use without additional fee:

  • bathroom and toilet;
  • kitchen with all kitchen equipment and implements;
  • common areas;
  • library;
  • Wi-fi;
  • board games , available in the hostel.

Asking you:

1. Keep clean and  do not disturb other guests;

2. Wash and clean the dishes and Cutlery;

3. When leaving the room or the hostel turn off the owned electrical appliances and lights in the room;

4. Follow the rules of fire safety

5. Return before leaving received the keys for the loss of the fine is 250 rubles;штраф за потерю ключа?

6. To pay damages in case of loss, damage or destruction of hostel’ property



1. Check in from 09:00 to 23:00 (may be an individual agreement on an earlier or later time);

2. Settling with animals is possible only by preliminary agreement with the Administration of the hostel.