Useful info

Tomsk is a cultural centre. In the city there are the local history and art museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, Tomsk Museum of wooden architecture, Museum of history of Tomsk, the memorial Museum «the remand prison of the NKVD», the museums at universities, Botanical garden. The public is invited to the regional drama Theatre, the youth theatre, theatre of dolls and actor «buffoon», the chamber theatre and theatre «Version», theater of living dolls «2 plus Ku». In the composition of the Philharmonic there is the organ hall, there are a number of cinemas, the Palace of shows and sports. In Tomsk there are Orthodox temples, a mosque, a synagogue, a Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church. Created national-cultural autonomy, the centers of national culture - about 25 associations.

Tomsk deserves an attention in terms of food. Here you will never go hungry)). Students want to eat anywhere and everywhere. Food for all tastes. Bars, café, restaurants are more than enough. Why we want to offer you a few of them.

Those who work well can rest with dignity. Clubs, restaurants, museums, theatres... All those places are deserved your attention. Every day is eventful in Tomsk. Welcome!